New Online Festival and Event Management Workshop

We are delighted to announce the creation of a new Online version of the Festival and Event Management Masterclass.  It is a very exciting new addition to our portfolio of events as it creates the prospect of having participants join from all over the world.  One of the great benefits of the Masterclass is the interaction between participants, many stay in touch long after the course is over.  We believe the opportunity to hear from and network with other festival and event managers will be a real benefit to online participants.  Bookings for the course can be made on our Upcoming Events page where you can also find the available dates and times.

Some features of the course:

  • The course involves 6 hours of comprehensive, interactive and inspiring tuition
  • It will involve small groups of no more than 12 participants to ensure you have plenty of opportunity to interact with the presenter and the other participants, sharing experiences and broadening your network
  • The course consists of 4 sessions of 1½ hours. You can take all 4 sessions in a single day or spread them over two or more days if you prefer.
  • Following the course you will have access to the Participant Resource area of our website, a comprehensive library of articles, documents and templates
  • We are making best use of technology to get as close as we can to the experience of attending one of our popular Masterclasses in person with plenty of interaction
  • You can receive a certificate of participation following the course

Course Content

Session 1 – Understanding and Developing Great Festivals and Events

This session draws inspiration from successful festivals, events and destinations looking at what we can learn from their approach, models and creative programming.  This session will also focus on events in a post-Covid world as we look to develop the knowledge and skills to meet the new demands of audiences and stakeholders.

Session 2 – Marketing and Media

This session will focus on how to define and develop a strong brand identity for your event looking at how to take advantage of technology and online opportunities as well as more traditional forms of marketing.  We also cover ways to engage the media to deliver positive coverage around your event.

Session 3 – Sponsorship and Fundraising

This session will help develop a greater awareness of revenue generating possibilities from traditional sponsorship opportunities to more digital-era possibilities.  We consider how to adopt a creative approach to identifying potential sponsors, creating effective proposals and strategies to build and maintain relationships with supporters.  We also consider a wide range of possibilities to source valuable resources for your events from grants, merchandise, donations and using your online presence to generate revenue.

Session 4 – Evaluation and Advocacy

This session considers how to measure your achievements through creating effective surveys and analysing feedback to make improvements.  We also consider the most effective ways to use your data to maintain and strengthen your relationship with key stakeholders.

What you need to participate

  • A PC/Laptop/Tablet with a webcam, microphone and reliable internet
  • A place where you can participate with few distractions

Bookings, Dates and further information: Upcoming Events


A great place to network with like-minded people!

The course is very welcoming and gives participants the space to be creative and assess their own events from a critical standpoint. Paul is knowledgeable, inspiring and charming, and makes participants feel at ease. It’s also a great place to network with like-minded people!
Reykjavík Fringe

I Got One A-Ha Moment After Another!

You`re sharing so much practical knowledge and brilliant examples, I got one a-ha moment after another! LOTS of useful ideas (and energy!) to bring back home. Hilmarfestivalen, Norway

Reinvent Our Town

Amazing ideas to not only reinvent my events, but also reinvent our town. Rural City of Wangaratta

Empowered and Buzzing With Ideas

An inspiring and informative masterclass session. I left empowered and buzzing with ideas. City of Greater Geelong

I Highly Recommend This Masterclass!

I had the most wonderful experience. It’s great to go to a course that gives you tangible and useful information that you can go away and implement yourself. I highly recommend this Masterclass! Feast Festival

A Brilliantly Practical Course

A brilliantly practical course for anyone in the event management industry, no matter how experienced! Sydney Music Expo

Food for Thought

The masterclass on festivals gave food for thought, presented in an inspiring and refreshing way. CODA Oslo International Dance Festival

Head Full of Ideas and New Energy

I left the masterclass with my head full of ideas and new energy and A Great sense of believing in festivals as the best method to bring People and art/culture together. Billund Kommune

The Ultimate Crash Course in Festival Management!

The course was a vitamin injection in how to manage a festival and also how to evolve it. In short: The ultimate Crash Course in festival management! City of Sodertalje

I Can Highly Recommend It

The course was highly skilled, personal and interesting all the way through! I can highly recommend it – the time spent with Paul is spent really well! Salaam Film & Dialogue

Get the Creative Juices Flowing.

Paul is a wealth of knowledge and fun to listen to. It’s clear he knows his stuff and gave us great mini-exercises to get the creative juices flowing. I can’t wait to bring some of the ideas I generated in is class to my city! Brockville & 1000 Islands Tourism

A Unique and Creative Set of Tools

Paul is an incredibly talented and passionate individual with a wealth of knowledge on festivals and events. Participating in the Festival and Event Management Masterclass has provided me with a unique and creative set of tools and a deeper understanding to improve my abilities as an Event Manager. After completing the two day course I have a greater understanding of how to develop events and how to give them a point of difference from those that are already established. Carclew, South Australia

…inspired me to broaden my mind and widen my parameters

The Festival and Event Management Masterclass 2019: Paul’s knowledge and experience in this area is phenomenal. The information gained from the masterclass has been tremendously helpful and has inspired me to broaden my mind and widen my parameters. The education I received was utilised immediately. I was sending off emails during class to my festival team! The Basin Music Festival

A Variety of Tips and Tools that I can Pass on

As a local government officer providing support for event organisers in our municipality, this course provided me with a variety of tips and tools that I can pass on as well as giving me the opportunity to look more critically at how we as a council support events and what we can do differently or better. Coming from a small rural municipality, this sort of networking is usually hard to come by so it was a nice bonus on top of a great course!, Alpine Shire Council

Now Our Dance Festival Will Be Even Better

I think everyone should take the class a second time. This got me to see how I had implemented some of the suggestions from the last class and how our festival had improved by it. This time around the class gave me tons of new ideas thanks to Paul and the other participants. Now our dance festival will be even better once again. Abundance International Dance Festival

Worked Miracles for Us!

Great, inspirational course. Worked miracles for us! Malmö Eid-Festival

A Brilliant Two Days

Thank you Paul for a brilliant two days! The material delivered was interesting and highly relevant to our industry. Your presentation was full of inspirational ideas on how we can improve and refine our events, which I found very motivating. I am grateful to you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. Thank you once again! Wine Geelong

Paul’s knowledge is second-to-none…

Affable and highly knowledgeable, Paul Gudgin has condensed 30 years of festivals industry know-how into two days of intensive learning, offering advice on anything from grassroots to strategic aspects of developing festivals, across all areas. Paul’s knowledge is second-to-none making this workshop a must-attend event for festival and arts workers at any stage of their careers.

West Australian Music (WAM)

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